Ms. Charm’s Quick Review of 2013 (Let’s Get Personal)

Ms. Charm transition in many ways this year!
Ms. Charm started 2013 as an unemployed fashion blogger wondering what this year would bring my way.
Things I accomplished in MY YEAR OF TRANSITIONING:
-Finally, I got my driver’s license.
– Scored an awesome full time job in the web industry.
– Ms. Charm Chic turned another year older. Turned 3 in 2013. Turning 4 in 2014!!! 
– Became a sponsor of an event (Raw Awards 2013) for the first time.
-Realized maybe I do have an obsession with James Franco (he’s like my dream man, people).
– Honored to be chosen to be the Social Media Director of Baltimore Fashion Alliance
Who knows what 2014 may bring? I am always hopeful about the future.
What should 2014’s theme of the year be? Hmmm. 
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What did you accomplish in 2013?