Raw Awards 2013: People’s Choice Winner

People’s Choice Winner: Proper Playground Clothing


Proper Playground Clothing offer clothing with a heart and soul vibrational purpose. Every article of clothing we make is focused around divinity and beauty, especially within the realm of Sacred Geometry.

(Photo by Paulette W.)
(Photo by Paulette W.)

What inspired you to be a part of Raw Baltimore? What was the highlight of your Raw Baltimore experience?

The fashion show was the highlight of our Raw experience. Raw gave us an arena and gave us an opportunity . . .we didn’t have to organize the entire show and that took off so much stress for us. We took a lot of risks, but it ended of being so rewarding. The energy in there was so amazing! From that, we got the Artscape gig and did our second fashion show. All the fashion shows we had, have been because of Raw. Elisa is amazing. I love her! Meeting her and just the experience of the fashion show . For the both of us, our experience have been nothing but positive.

(Photo by  Delphic Photography).
(Photo by Delphic Photography).

What would winning a RAWard mean to you? Why?

It would mean everything especially since we just started a little over a year in a half ago. This has always been a personal dream of mine and Johnny has killer style. He used to work in construction and he was never happy with that. When we started doing clothing together, he found his true calling as well. Collectively, I am able to fullfill my lifelong dream and him realizing it was his lifelong dream, too . . . it would just mean so much. It has been a humbling and blessing of an experience.