RAWards 2013: Accessories Designer of the Year: Rae Beth


Rae Beth is an alternative accessories designer that creates headpieces to body jewelry.

“I love to create alternative accessories for people to really express who they are and how they personally see style.” – Rae Beth

What inspired you to be a part of Raw Baltimore?

As soon as i was approached to show at RAW i knew it was a great idea. I am very proud to be part of this collective.
Any time that artists from different genera are brought together into one space, bringing people from their realm to other artistic forefronts occurs it is a beautiful thing.

What was the highlight of your Raw Baltimore experience?

I have not had just one specific RAW highlight. The entire journey has been fantastic .

(Photo by Paulette W.)
(Photo by Paulette W.)
(Rae Beth and Ms. Charm of Ms. Charm's Chic).
(Rae Beth and Ms. Charm of Ms. Charm’s Chic).

What would winning a RAWard mean to you? Why?

It is a pleasure to have been nominated for a RAWard , if i were to actually win this sucker i would be thrilled indeed 😉 although the nomination and accolades thus far are more than enough.There is so much talent presented that i believe each artist is deserving of recognition .

What are your plans for 2014?

2014 for Rae Beth Designs means several fashion show bookings , many photoshoots and a plethora of custom orders. Blessed without a doubt and appreciative is an understatement.

(Rae Beth accepting her Raw Award).
(Rae Beth accepting her Raw Award).