RAWards 2013: Make Up Artist of the Year: Christine Cots

Christine Cots is a mother of two boys, a United States Navy Sailor and an amazing make-up artist wrapped into one.

” I was always very artsy fartsy as a youth and it developed as I grew. It morphed from arts and crafts to oil painting to collages to people as a canvas. My now favorite hobby. Painting people has become such an amazing expression. You paint and then your design walks away, zazzes other people, it causes reactions, surprise, my art is alive!” – Christine Cots

What inspired you to be a part of Raw Baltimore?

Being part of Raw Baltimore. Hmm… I saw the website, I applied, and viola. Fun ensued!

What was the highlight of your Raw Baltimore experience?

Highlight… getting to paint in public. Sharing my art with people.

(Models displaying makeup by Christine Cots at Raw Awards 2013).
(Models displaying makeup by Christine Cots at Raw Awards 2013).

What would winning a RAWard mean to you? Why?

Winning an award would be fabulous but not a requirement! I love being able to paint and the awards show is just another opportunity to share what I can do and watch people light up at the sight of the living art, as it moves, as it shares my passion, our passion for art and color and life. Winning is a validation and it would be fun, but it’s not just about competition.

What are your plans for 2014?

2014… more painting, more sharing, more life! Watching my boys grow (Gus will be 5 and Victor will turn 2 in 2014).