Musically Chic Series: Julian Roso

Looking Back Series 2013

Ms. Charm's Chic

Born and raised in Baltimore, Julian Roso wouldn’t be the musician he is today without a little push from his father.

“I started singing when I was a child and taught myself how to play guitar when I was 12 year old,” Roso said. When I was little my dad would always make me sing karaoke and he would set up these little talent shows during the holidays when family would come over, and I would sing in front of everyone. I was real shy when I was little, but I loved to perform, it’s always been something I enjoyed.”


It wasn’t until three years ago, Roso made the decision to take his music to a different level.

“Music has always been and will always be a part of my life,” Roso said. I never really made the connection to make music a career until the summer of 2010. I…

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