Musically Chic Series: Matt Hutchison


Ms. Charm's Chic

Let’s see, Matt Hutchison . . . he’s one fourth of the modern rock Baltimore band, Fools & Horses. He plays guitar effortlessly and writes his own songs.  And, he’s a talented, dapper solo artist that treasures the support of his fans.

“I am a guy who has been waiting for that feeling of being “grown-up” for quite some time, but I have come to believe that it may never happen to me,” Hutchison said.  I have been fortunate to have people in my life who tolerate my weirdness and career choices.  I am allowed, if not encouraged to be a perpetual dreamer.”


While living in England, Hutchison musical diet was Buddy Holly, Top 40 hits that his parents listened to in the car and other classic oldies.

Once he came back to the United States, he was exposed to artists like Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Barenaked Ladies, Nirvana and…

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