Musically Chic Series: Eva Jade Landon

Looking Back Series 2013

Ms. Charm's Chic

Eva Jade Landon decided to start her solo career 2010. The Baltimore native’s first album, “Loaded Gun” was released in 2011. 

In January 2013, the singer songwriter specializing in creating pop hits, released her new album “EVALution”. She is inspired by a variety of muscians.

“One of the biggest ones for me is Billy Joel,” Landon said. I just think he’s a complete mastermind, such an incredible songwriter and lyricist. I’ve also always been inspired by strong women so bands like Hole, Sleater-Kinney, Le Tigre, etc. were really influential to me over the years . . .especially when I was just starting out as a front woman.

My influences in pop music are a lot less specific. I have a big appreciation for producers, catchy melodies and hooks. I try and be versatile in what I listen to so that it will aspire me to be a better artist across…

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