Musically Chic Series: Emily of AK Slaughter

Looking Back Series 2013

Ms. Charm's Chic

When you combine Aran Keating and Emily Slaughter, you get underground hip hop group, AK Slaughter.

Since 2006, the duo has been serving up fun, unpredictable lyrics with funky, old-school beats. 

Their first album, “A Personal Matter” featured eight tracks of skits and raps with their signature humor.

As well as, Ms. Slaughter addressing guys of her past that treated her not so well. Their debut album was followed up by “Mix Tape” in 2009 and “The Pleasure of Doing Business” in 2011.

In late summer, AK Slaughter has plans to release a new full length album.

“We’re really excited about this one because it will showcase a lot of collaborations with other Baltimore rappers and DJs,” Slaughter said.

Ms. Charm discovered a 29 year old female artist, musician that works in the non-profit world. She reads true crime books in her free time. She makes weird costumes. She…

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