A World filled with Paint Brushes and Make-Up Brushes: Leah Sarrah Bassett

Ms. Charm's Chic

Thin brushes dipped into multi-colored water.  Palettes filled with paint and various colorful pairings. Huge canvas covered with imagery.  This was a constant scene in the Bassett household. Leah Sarrah Bassett was raised by two accomplished artists, Alice Babcock Lynch and Marc Bassett, in Massachusetts. There was no doubt that she would become a visual artist like her parents.  Seven year ago, she decided to add another type of brush to her life.  

“I met a woman who came in [the salon] and said she would like to apprentice and learn makeup,” Bassett said.  She was a retired model and very familiar with the industry to begin with. I got her in touch with my boss, but in return, he wasn’t at all enthusiastic about the situation. He said it was a waste of time. I became great friends with her. I gave her tips and aesthetic critiques on…

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