RAW Natural Born Artists in Baltimore Takes Two

Ms. Charm's Chic

On June 2012, Luckie’s Tavern forgot about it lavish Vegas-like atmosphere to host an event for Charm City’s arts scene.

Visual art from Baileymarie Deacon and Timothy Zukas was displayed around the venue.  Live music was provided by up and coming rapper, Alfie Bluu and beatboxer, Shodekeh.


In front of the Powerplant Live bar, Nina Charity mesmerized the audience with her aerobatic skills. The night ended with Margot Rogerson of Beth & Noel putting on a quick runway show.


“The first show went really well and allowed me to make great artistic contacts,” Rogerson said. I was also able to sell several pieces and showcase my work on a full runway.  I was specifically able to meet local business owners that were interested in carrying my product and it allowed me to reach other artists with similar interests. Overall, I would say it was a great experience and I’m…

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