Nothing like Boarding a Vintage Machine: Gogo’s Retread Threads

Ms. Charm's Chic

Looking out into the distance can often be a mirage of your thoughts. Like spotting a school bus decked out in psychedelic colors with a touch of graffiti on one side.  Inside the vehicle, the seats are replaced with racks filled with wearable treasures of the past.

Can you say a fashion dream? This illusion isn’t imaginary, it’s real. 

The vintage collector behind the Gogo’s Retread Threads bus is Stacey Chambers.  She is a Nevada native that now calls Baltimore her home. Her fascination for vintage clothing started in Reno, Nevada with two women, her mother and grandmother.


“I was very close with my Gram,” Chambers said. She was kind of a bad-ass stylistically and personally.  We would watch old movies together. Even though, I was a very bookish tomboy, I recognized the beauty, care and pride of the wardrobe in those films.  My incredibly amazing Mom ran a huge…

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