Custom Clothier on the Rise: Janeen Brown of Sobiu

It all started with designing a dress out of an old sock for a Barbie. From there, mastering sewing became a priority. With the guidance of her mother, she learned how to sew and was able create a pair of pants with a matching blazer jacket. While attending Western High school, she became a member of the Fashionettes to further develop her skills. After nearly a decade working for retail company, DTLR, you may assume that fashion would obviously be your number one passion in life. Janeen Brown didn’t realize her destiny to be a custom clothier until an uplifting life event.


“Those later years [at DTLR] I would bring my sewing machine to the store and sew for clients whenever my assistant was there with me to give me some relief,” Brown said.  Even during that time, I didn’t realize the passion or could foretell that God would have brought me to where I am today. I’m not at my peak, but thankful for this beginning. It wasn’t until my father’s death in 2009 I had that “AH-HA” moment. Up until the day he passed, he was still getting up at the crack of dawn still bussing into work never complaining. Ironically, he passed on a Sunday, the beginning of the week. I believe as the beginning of a new for his spirit. Life has a way of inspiring you at moments when you least expect it or think that you couldn’t have dreamt of handling through its choice of deliverances.”

For the past two years, Janeen Brown has been creating one of a kind prom dresses, maternity dresses, runway gowns, and whatever else she can think of for her custom clothier business, Sobiu.


“When I design a garment up [until it’s constructed], it’s an extensive mental process,” Brown said. Honestly, I don’t sketch much because it takes too long. I actually have more fun daydreaming about it and mentally doing my edits. I can have a design in mind before going to bed and all that night I’m dreaming about how I will construct it and what seams to sew. My dreams are filled with design concepts and how to construct them. I spend more time daydreaming then sewing sometimes.”

Daydreaming never gets in the way of the Sobui Custom Clothier finishing a garment. She can complete a detailed gown within a day and a half.


“Now I am a mother of two little girls and I just enjoy life and have been able to see the beauty in everything,” Brown said. I am still as inquisitive as an adult as I was when I was a child that keeps me asking questions and wanting to push limits. I love making silly faces, randomly dance or crawl around the floor if my three year old asks me to or just sit on the patio during a thunderstorm to be one with my thoughts surrounded by God’s beautiful creations…nature.  Within in all those things and more is what keeps my creative juices brewing.”

EXTRA: How would you describe your personal style?

“I would describe my style as little unorthodox and a tad funky,” Brown said. I’m inspired from all fashion eras so I like to leave my personal style open. I’ve always been a sneaker fan, which sways me more towards dressing in urban attire frequently. I also love really nice lace up hard bottoms and wingtips so I could pair it with a boho type dress or a blazer and herum pants. I guess my style is kind of eclectic. You may never recognize me by one style alone. That keeps me connected with my brand Sobiu and its slogan…”Originality is lacking…Sobiu (so-be-you).”


“Just to give a little insight on Sobiu. It’s more than a brand; it’s a lifestyle. I want individuals to feel comfortable in their own skin and not feel afraid to stand out. We all have purpose in the grander scheme of things and confidence begins with the inner outer experience we have with ourselves.


 Apparel is just a representation of that. Sobiu’s ultimate goal is to empower individuals through various endeavors, encourage the youth and give back the experience of living a positive lifestyle.”