Ms. Charm Talks: TRENDS in Fashion?!

When I interviewed the talented Rae Beth of Rae Beth designs, the following statement made me think about the word “Trend” in fashion:

“Trend?????!!!!!, “ Rae Beth said. i would prefer you not use such language in my presence. My thoughts about trends especially when I am creating is that people should ROCK their choice and not feel forced to wear things that they may not be comfortable with because it is popular. It is terrible to see people struggle to “fit in” to a mold that society deems most acceptable at the time, often Hollywood driven, when they are clearly uncomfortable doing so. Do not wear a huge flower/feather piece on your head unless you plan on rockin’ it. It should be about your own sense of style and comfort well before the socially acceptable ‘norm’.”

I totally agree with Rae Beth.

Now, I am not trying to bash the fashion industry because trend reports will always and continue to exist. Of course, the fashion week season makes many people obsessed with trends.

But, do we really have to buy five pairs of gladiator sandals just because it is trendy and in season?  Wouldn’t you rather just shop for whatever makes you happy and wear it like a stylin’ pro?

My Style

If you don’t want to show your stomach, you don’t have to wear a crop top. Trends are not laws of fashion. They are just simply suggestions.

I think not following trends and mixing up things you love (for me: vintage, edgy, slightly provacative, classic statement pieces and custom design) helps to create your signature style.

You can’t really create personal style if you are constantly worried about what trends are going to be hot this season or next season.

Trends are just fads that come and go . . . so, why keep up?

Just wear what works for you and your body . . . and let your individuality show.

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