Make It Uniquely Accessorized: Rae Beth of Rae Beth Designs

Rae Beth is a creative spirit that truly understands how an accessory can change your mood or embrace others to take a second look.  Each of her designs reflects a sense of whimsical couture.

“I started creating accessories a long time ago,” Rae Beth said.  When I realized at a very young age that I was rarely able to locate the items I had concocted in my head. If I wanted wrist to elbow glove made out of rubber bracelets, I would have to weave them myself.  So, I began creating pieces for myself which lead others to wanting pieces of their own as well.”


Using various mediums such as semi-precious stones, metal, glass, feathers, ribbon, lace and even insects, this Baltimore designer consistently goes through different processes to create her wearable art.  The process often depends on the situation. Like when she is creating stock items, she looks to current elements hidden within her studio and ideas present themselves as she designs. Sometimes Rae Beth is allowed to express her personal style in her pieces.



“In many custom prom or wedding orders i create pieces that please the customer,” Rae Beth said. Pieces that are very specific to the occasion that I may never have thought to create without the specific suggestions from the client. I do love seeing how these pieces add to such lovely memories though.  There are many other occasions where my style does reflect in my creations: the use of insects, skulls, horns and other over the top items that others may not have thought of themselves. Also, the fact that I see all things as ‘useable’, I can’t help but utilize items that draw my eye.”

From humble beginnings to being one of the most unique designers in Charm City , accessories will always remain as a perfect tool for showcasing individuality to Rae Beth.


“Even the simplest of accessories can tell all viewers a little bit about who you are,” Rae Beth said. Whether you are wearing a crucifix pendant, a forehead bindi, a wreath of flowers on your head, leather and spikes on your wrist or simple pearl earring posts, you are telling the world around you a little bit about who you are. I love being a part of this. I create small details that help the masses express themselves in a fuller manner. I feel honored to have such a role.”

EXTRA: What are some things you do when you aren’t designing your accessories?

“I am a rather social bird so i attend as many gatherings as my schedule allows,” Rae Beth said. I like to costume for events.I am a mermaid amongst my group of Baltimore mermaids who parade in Coney Island every year. I attend gallery openings and travel as much as possible….ummmm, I live my life to the best of my abilities.”