Show Your Fashion Support: Ben Kona Shorts Kickstarter

Fashion isn’t all about what the woman wants, but it’s about what the man wants, too.  Ms. Charm knows that well dressed guys are always looking for the next big thing to wear.
The Ben Kona Shorts Kickstarter needs your support! 
Stuart Berman, who once had a high-end men’s clothing line, Stuart Andrews that sold at Harrods and Saks Fifth Avenue is ready to make a fashion comeback.
“My inspiration for Ben Kona shorts originated with my active life style,”” Berman said.  I had been searching for a pair of 100% cotton shorts that had moisture wicking technology.  All I was able to find were polly-blend and they are not as comfortable.  I wanted something stylish and comfortable that I could wear all day and not worry about whatever my day brought me.  I searched low end stores, high end stores and was not able to find anything.  I didn’t want to sacrifice comfort, durability or versatility. I realized that I was going to have to make my own shorts and so my journey began.”
Using patented TransDRY®, Stuart has created a new fabric for the men’s wear market. The Ben Kona shorts will be available in two styles: man’s classic short and cargo style short. Berman strongly believes in supporting the economy with his designs. 
“I feel strongly about making things in this country,” Berman said. I want to support local companies and help our economy.  I have gotten questions, like why are my shorts on the higher end for price.  And my answer remains the same, for a good product and one that is made in the USA, the price is higher.  I am also happy to add that for that price we are creating jobs in this country.” 
Three reasons that Stuart Berman thinks men should own his Ben Kona shorts:
1.  They are durable, comfortable and easy.  You can pack less, look good and stay cool in the heat.
2.  They are versatile, you can wear them on the golf course, fishing, hiking, in the pool, anywhere the day brings you, and then out to eat in the evening.
3.  Know you are supporting this country.  Buying these shorts you are supporting fellow Americans and creating jobs.  It’s a good feeling to know you are wearing something that was thought of, manufactured and produced in your country.
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