Visual Display of Beauty’s Past: MakeUp Museum

Believe it or not, there is a museum decked out in grand treasures such as beauty products, tools, and publications in our lovely city of Baltimore.  Thanks to adopted Baltimore native, Hillary, you can view and learn about the world of make-up through the virtual, MakeUp Musuem.


“I’ve always been interested in makeup,” Hillary said.  I think it stems from my love of color.  But I didn’t I start collecting till around 2006.”

The museum curator, who has an undergraduate degree in art history and a master’s degree in culture studies/communication, wants her visitors to see makeup as artifact rather than a useable product.


“While vintage compacts and advertisements will always be special, I thought it was important to document the design and artistic influences behind contemporary makeup objects and preserve them for as long as possible, and no one was/is really doing that,” Hillary said. I wanted people to see makeup as art, as something that can be displayed rather than actually used.”

Hillary’s goals for the MakeUp Museum’s future grow day by day.


“I hope someday to have a physical space for the Museum so that people can see the items in person rather than just online,” Hillary said.  It could even be a temporary, “pop-up” exhibition.  I’m also in the process of writing a coffee table book on contemporary makeup items.  Also, eventually I’d like to overhaul the website to make it more of an online museum and less of a blog (although the blog would still be there, just not as prominent). “


 (BEAUTY EXTRAS) : What are your top five make-up trends of all time? Why?

My personal faves:  black nail polish; full brows; neon lip color; smudged, messy black eye liner.  Finally, a red lip (muted, bold, matte, dewy, any way you like) never goes out of style.

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