Charm City Beauty Youtube Superstar: Rachael B. of Rachieb15

The number one source for finding quick solutions to every beauty question imaginable is Youtube. It is always nice to find an expert that is your hometown.


One of the most resourceful and entertaining beauty youtuber of Baltimore is Rachael B. of Rachieb15, She’s a 20-something born and raised in Baltimore, who is a pediatric nurse by trade with a love for everything beauty.

“I have always been into cosmetics since I was a little girl,” Rachael said. Going to a catholic school I was never able to wear it until I got to high school. When that day happened, I went crazy. Since then, I have been collecting and practicing.  After helping a lot of friends with makeup application I decided to start doing as a job as a makeup artist. I attended some classes and here I am now.  Even though I love being a nurse and taking care of children, it can get a bit stressful. Nursing is so scientific and it is really cool. But, I can use makeup artistry as my creative outlet.”

It was after googling, “How to do Kim Kardashian smokey eyes” and discovering the beauty community on Youtube a few years ago that Rachael decided to start her own youtube channel, Rachieb15.  Her first youtube video is something she rather be kept in the vault.

“Yikes, I do not want to remember my first video, but I still keep it available for those to watch,” Rachael said.  I remember sitting in my bedroom talking to my camera and feeling EXTREMELY awkward. I watch it back and I cringe at my awkwardness. Sometimes, though, I look at it just to see how far I’ve come.”

From beauty hauls to beauty tuturials, Rachael B. is one Charm City beauty expert to  bookmark.

“Youtube is just another creative outlet for me,” Rachael said.  I love meeting other girls that make videos and they just get me. They get me in a way no one else does. I love that we can share ideas, looks, hypes and gripes! It’s also very uplifting when you find people that enjoy watching you. It makes me feel like I am doing something positive for women.”

Beauty Extras: (Beauty Trends of the Past): “Uh…NONE,” Rachael said. It’s in the past for a reason. I think about the blue eye shadow time or the white pearly lipstick era. So glad that is over!”


(Fave Beauty Trend of 2013): “My favorite beauty trends for this year, especially for summer is the whole dewy bronze look,” Rachael said.  It’s very ‘Victoria’s Secret bombshell-esque’. MAC cosmetics came out with an amazing summer collection featuring makeup products to create this type of look. The collection was called ‘Temperature Rising’.”


(Make-up items you don’t leave home without) :

  • LIPGLOSS! My favorite right now is MAC’s Prrr and NYX butter gloss in creme brulee!
  • Shine control powder, I love Urban Decay’s Vintage de-stlick. It helps me reduce shine as my makeup wears throughout the day.
  • Lash Glue- A MUST! I wear false lashes 90% of my life. If I’ve cried, have watery eyes, or if it’s super hot out- my lashes can come off. It’s so not a cute look to have a lash half hanging off! I use Duo adhesive in dark tone.