Musically Chic Series: Julian Roso

Born and raised in Baltimore, Julian Roso wouldn’t be the musician he is today without a little push from his father.

“I started singing when I was a child and taught myself how to play guitar when I was 12 year old,” Roso said. When I was little my dad would always make me sing karaoke and he would set up these little talent shows during the holidays when family would come over, and I would sing in front of everyone. I was real shy when I was little, but I loved to perform, it’s always been something I enjoyed.”


It wasn’t until three years ago, Roso made the decision to take his music to a different level.

“Music has always been and will always be a part of my life,” Roso said. I never really made the connection to make music a career until the summer of 2010. I stepped into the studio for the first time, and fell in love with it. I fell in love with creating my own music and being able to have an outlet.”

Mr. Roso has made quite an impact in the Baltimore music scene. Therefore, I knew I had to feature this musically dapper man:

What do you remember about your first live performance?
My first big show was at the Metro Gallery for a Rock and Soul Showcase in February 2012 hosted by Heidnseek Promotions,” Roso said.  I invited all my friends and family, everyone I knew. This was going to be the first time they saw me live and playing music that I have been working on the past year.

After my set and after my last song, the audience went crazy! There was no better feeling than to hear a crowd cheering for me. Right then and there, I knew that creating music and performing on stage was what wanted to do the rest of my life.”


What musical artists are you inspired by?
“I am inspired by all types of artists from all different genres,” Roso said. My main musical influences are John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Ben Harper, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.”

What do you love about performing?
The thing that I LOVE about performing is the intimacy . . . the one on one connection I get to have with the audience and myself,” Roso said.  Another thing about performing live is that, you can’t go back and fix something. It’s in real time.  It makes it exciting and scary at the same time.

When I perform I give it my all, no matter how many people are in the room. I want them to know who I am, to feel how I feel on stage and to share moments with them. We laugh and we cry together. I don’t ever feel like I’m playing for a bunch of strangers, I build that relationship with the audience as soon as I step on stage.  A performance is not just about me.  It’s about the audience, having them relate and feel the emotions through my music.”


One of my favorite performances of yours was at Raw Baltimore 2012! What do you remember the most about your Raw Baltimore experience?
My RAW Baltimore experience was amazing,” Roso said. It has created so many opportunities for me and is an amazing way to network and meet new people! I won Musician of the Year for Baltimore MD for the RAWards 2012. It was an amazing experience and one of the biggest accomplishments thus far with my music career.

If you had to describe your personal style in five words or less, what words would you pick?
Genuine, sincere, caring, lovable, “dreamy”(how others describe me before), upbeat and cheerful.


Does your stage style differ from your personal style? Why or why not,
No, I am the same way I am on stage as I am in person,” Roso said. I am always smiling, always laughing and always trying to make jokes, even if they’re not funny. I still laugh. “

What are your plans for the summer 2013, well music wise?
I plan on performing a lot,” Roso said.  I want to expand outside of Baltimore and perform in other cities. I will continue to do what it takes in order to grow my fan base. I am also working on my first EP which I am super excited about! “


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