Musically Chic Series: Chaquis Maliq

It all started in Alexandria, VA when Chaquis Maliq decided to give an impromptu performance and serenaded a few guys in the audience.

Since that day, she continues to travel all over the United States singing and producing musical creations.

“It’s a part of my DNA,” Maliq said.

The San Francisco native often making stops in the DMV area mesmerizing fans with her indie, soulful sound.  Recently, Chaquis Maliq released her new album, “Harmonies of Me”.


What do you love about playing live?

“I actually prefer playing live over recording,” Maliq said. Playing live is fun. [It’s] exciting, motivating, and spiritual. I love connecting with the audience in a listening environment.”

What musical artists are you inspired by?

“I’m mostly inspired by bands from the 70’s,” Maliq said.  But, as far as solo musicians these are just a few: Emily King, Gary Clark Jr., Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Sly Stone, Larry Graham, Al Green, OtisRedding and KT Tunstall.”


Do you have any style icons?

“I don’t have any style icons,” Maliq said. I just pick an era or two or three and blend them based on my mood for the day.”

If you had to describe your personal style in five words or less, what words would you pick?

Chic, Country, Ethnic, Urban


What do you look for when picking out a stage outfit?

“In addition to making sure I am satisfied with how my hair is…at times I don’t care about my hair,”
 Maliq said. But, my hair determines what my outfit will be the majority of the time. I look for comfort and contrast.”

 Does your stage style differ from your personal style? Why or why not?

“Not really, because my style is based on my mood in general,” Maliq said. I sing and play the guitar. I can pretty much wear what I feel like wearing.

I am my stylist. I don’t like anyone in my hair. I don’t really like makeup. Some shows I wear very little makeup(as far as foundations and all that), other than that…pretty much just mascara and making sure that my eyebrows are fresh, natural colored lip gloss or just Vaseline, and occasionally I put on pinks and purples for eye shadow.


I do this because I believe that I am a role model and I do not wish to create an image that I am not, as other artists do. I make the outfit, the outfit doesn’t make me.”

What are your plans for the summer 2013?

“I plan to continue traveling with Mr. Maliq and doing national shows,” Maliq said.  I hope to start performing with Angel, my electric guitar this summer also.”




  • July 26th – The Lost Church, San Francisco
    August 17th – ArtsQuest – Bethelehem, PA
    August 29th – 31st “Harmonies of Me” Mini Tour : ATL