Ms. Charm Tips: Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions

Let’s be honest . . .almost every woman goes through a wardrobe malfunction at some point in their lives.

It can be small like wearing your shirt on the wrong side. It can be big like your undergarment exposed underneath a sheer dress.

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Ms. Charm is taking a stand and giving some of tips on how to avoid unfortunate style malfunctions:

Get Sticky

If you do not want any slipping in the bust area, you must invest in double stick tape. Fashion tape is great for strapless and low cut garments.  It’s affordable and it will make sure your clothing stays in place.

Visit Polina’s Prive for various clothing adhesives. 


Get It Tailored

Do not be afraid to develop a relationship with your neighborhood seamstress. Any garment can be lined with an opaque fabric to ensure a peek-a-boo situation doesn’t happen.


Get Rid of Lint

Simply use a lint brush to get rid of any unnecessary material from your garments.

Avoid Deodorant on Clothes

You never want to be the girl caught with sprinkles or stripes of deodorant on clothes. If you fold your shirt or dress about six inches from the bottom before you put it on, you can avoid getting a stain. Or, you can simply put on the deodorant after you have your clothing on.


Pass These Tests before Leaving the House

Before leaving the house, take a photo or stand by a sunny window to see how transparent your outfit is.

Do the “seat test”. If you sit down and see your dress rides up, you may need to change.

Do the “flash test”. If you lean over in front of a full length mirror and see your underwear, the dress is obviously too short.


*Ladies, when you exit a car, keep your legs together and swing them out of the car onto the pavement.