Musically Chic Series: Emily of AK Slaughter

When you combine Aran Keating and Emily Slaughter, you get underground hip hop group, AK Slaughter.

Since 2006, the duo has been serving up fun, unpredictable lyrics with funky, old-school beats. 

Their first album, “A Personal Matter” featured eight tracks of skits and raps with their signature humor.

As well as, Ms. Slaughter addressing guys of her past that treated her not so well. Their debut album was followed up by “Mix Tape” in 2009 and “The Pleasure of Doing Business” in 2011.

In late summer, AK Slaughter has plans to release a new full length album.

“We’re really excited about this one because it will showcase a lot of collaborations with other Baltimore rappers and DJs,” Slaughter said.

Ms. Charm discovered a 29 year old female artist, musician that works in the non-profit world. She reads true crime books in her free time. She makes weird costumes. She lives her BFF/boyfriend Joe with a tuxedo cat, a tuxedo, and an African American rabbit.

Emily Slaughter (Photo by Valerie Paulsgrove).
Emily Slaughter (Photo by Valerie Paulsgrove).

Okay, I’m talking about Emily Slaughter.

Get to know her fashion sense and her passion for AK Slaughter below:

How did you know you wanted to be a musician?

As a kid, I was always putting on plays, making videos or choreographing elaborate dances to TLC’s Waterfalls, which would be performed for an audience of one: my mom. I’ve always created things, but didn’t really consider myself a performer until I threw together a rap group with some friends from high school called the Sophistibits. Back in college, after that summer, Aran approached me about rapping over some beats and the rest is history.

AK Slaugher (Photo by Daniel Bedell Photography).
AK Slaugher (Photo by Daniel Bedell Photography).

What do you remember about your first live performance?

Our first performance as AK Slaughter (actually we were technically Knocka – E and DJ Ridiculous at the time) was at the battle of the bands at Goucher College, our alma mater. It was my senior year and Aran had graduated the year prior. We performed in front of a crowd of our “peers” in the giant basket ball court. I was pretty uncomfortable, but I think it went over well. At least until the asshole soccer team got on stage and started doing goofy dances. I’ve never had a great relationship with “guys who play sports”. We didn’t win, which was fine by me, because the winner had to be the opening act for They Might Be Giants and they suck. 

What musical artists are you inspired by?

I am inspired by rap groups like Outkast and UGK. I also really like Kool Keith. My lyrics often reflect my love of classic country and folk music. I love the glitz of 70’s country as well as simple folks like the Carter Family. The Carpenters are amazing, if I could sing like Karen, I’d be on top of the world (get it?). I listen to Sabbath’s Vol. 4 over and over again.

(Photo by Alex Ebstien).
(Photo by Alex Ebstien).

What do you love about playing live?

The energy the audience gives us. There is nothing better or more satisfying than seeing people dance to our music and mouth the lyrics. It’s kind of amazing.

Does your stage style differ from your personal style? Why or why not?

My stage style is pretty much whatever I am wearing that day. I’ll sometimes throw on a pair of earrings or lipstick or something before a show, but nothing too fancy. Whenever I wear heels I regret it. But they look so good! I just started wearing pants and holy sh*t they are amazing. My dresses and skirts are now rarely seen.

If you had to describe your personal style in five words or less, what words would you pick?

Business Class 70’s Orphan Chic

(Photo by Jen Tydings).
(Photo by Jen Tydings).


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