Musically Chic Series: Sahffi

Have you heard of Sahffi?  She is a well respected Baltimore singer/songwriter that has transitioned her classical musical beginning into a folk, blues sound.

(Photo by Alexander Dobson Media).
(Photo by Alexander Dobson Media).

“I ended up studying the French horn,” Sahffi said.  I got pretty serious with it, got my degree in performance from the Peabody Conservatory, and then went up to SUNY at Stony Brook to study with the teacher from Julliard.

We would often have master classes at Julliard, and around that time, I really became disinterested in what I thought I wanted, which was to play in an orchestra.

The auditions were so competitive and intense, I found myself disengaging from music, more worried about if I got the phrase correct or if my tone was good enough. I quit playing the horn.”


The Baltimore based musician didn’t lose her love for performing. She found her way back into the music scene by joining a cover band. 

Today, she managing her music career, raising a child, and teaching private lessons at her studio: Connect with YOUR Music.


Sahffi has released four full length albums: “…and I am not sorry,” “Turning Tides,”  “Expectations” and “The Break”.  This summer, she is working on her fifth album, “The Entropic Break”.


“I’m working with a new producer and an orchestral arranger to blend my classical background with my neo-alternative folk style,” Sahffi said. I’ll probably even through a bit of house music in there, as I’ve been in that world for a couple of years now as well. It will be an awesome summer.”



What musical artists are you inspired by? 

“I discovered inspiration through music through five main artists, in this order: The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Gustav Mahler, Nirvana, Tori Amos, and Jack White,” Sahffi said.  So many others as well, but those are the highlights. On my iTunes you’ll find middle-eastern rap, R&B, folk, rock, and everything in between.

Mostly I’m inspired by music that moves me, makes me connect with myself and my soul. I always strive to do that as a performer. Music to me is the universal language!”


Who are some of your style icons? 

“I am all about the sexy-simplicity of style,” Sahffi said.  Halle Berry is one of my favorites; so simple and clean, but a look from her will stop your heart! I cut my hair recently to continue to embody in myself that sexy, strong sense of self. I’m loving it. It’s liberating! I donated my hair to Locks of Love, if anyone else is thinking of doing the same, it’s a great organization.”


Sahffi performing at An Die Music in March, 2013.


What do you love about playing live? 

“I do absolutely LOVE performing live,” Sahffi said. You’ll also see me perform with bindi applied (jewels to forehead). I think it’s pretty, plus it makes me feel connected and safe to the universal energy that I feel any performer must connect with to present a compelling, vulnerable performance that people can truly feel and enjoy.

When your audience feels you, they give back to you, and the circular energy exchanged between everyone is healing, to us, to the planet, to the universe. It is such a blessing to perform live.”



What do you look for when picking out a stage outfit? 

“Rule #1 of stage outfits: When you put on your guitar, will it pull down the front too much and result in a wardrobe malfunction worthy of Janet Jackson,” Sahffi said. Learned the hard way.”

Other than that, I like it to be dressier than just going out to dinner, a little shiny or shimmery, colorful and comfortable. You’ll never see me perform in heels.  I don’t feel balanced in them. If I had my choice I’d play barefoot all the time, but I do like my boots and shimmery shoes as well.”


Does your stage style differ from your personal style? Why or why not?

“My personal style is actually even more comfortable… you’ll see me most often in jeans, a cool t-shirt and sometimes even my funky green glasses,” Sahffi said. My hair has now also become part of my color, from red to light brown to purple. Overall it is still colorful, but more casual.”



Adding shows every day, visit her website at to catch one near you.