Ms. Charm Tips: Dressing Chic for a Job Interview

Graduation season is here! 

High schoolers are on their way to college or the work force.

College students on their way to job hunting.

Dressing for a job interview whether it is for a part-time job at a fashion boutique or a full-time job at a firm is something that can easily make or break your job interview experience.


Choosing the right interview outfit depends on what kind of job you are interviewing for.

When you pick a posh outfit appropriate for your job type, you are guaranteed to get the job and grab your potential bosses’ attention.

Corporate Interview Outfit


Dressing for a corporate interview is a challenging task if you are used to having fun with fashion.  Your corporate interview outfit needs to be tailored and classy.

You can wear a suit with a slim pencil style skirt and add a simple belt. You can wear a suit with slim fit pants. Stick to simple shirts with basic colors such as white, light blue, or gray and tuck that shirt into your skirt or pants. Jackets or blazers should have one or two buttons.

Avoid open toed shoes and wear a classic 3-inch heel pump. Your accessories should be simple like a watch, stud earrings or a patent belt.

Fashion Interview Outfit


If your dream job is to work in fashion, you do not have to look boring on your interview. Getting a job as a fashion intern to fashion public relations associate, you want to showcase you know the trends of the season and your style is as great as your resume.

Pick one trend of the season that you love and wear it well. You can match a trendy piece with a timeless piece like a vintage dress or skirt.

Do not put on your Chanel T-shirt or Gucci sunglasses because it will make you look overly flashy. You do not want your outfit to look like a costume. 

Creative Interview Outfit


Interviewing for a job in publishing, advertising, music, art or design, you want to showcase your creativity with your interview outfit.

Start with a classic professional garment like a blazer, pencil skirt, or dress pants. Do not be afraid to wear a patterned top because it creates an impact that isn’t too distracting. Add a statement piece of curl such as a cuff or necklace.

Most likely, you will be asked to bring a portfolio or your laptop on a creative interview.  Carry a satchel/spacious bag to carry your interview goods in a chic way.

P.S. Remember to not wear anything too tight, short, sheer, or revealing because it is never appropriate for any interview.