Ms. Charm Tips: Get Fashion Experience with Internships

No matter what career field you decide to choose, you always need to have experience in order to get your dream job.

The best way to build your resume is to INTERN!

Whether you are a high school graduate, a college student, or a college graduate, having experience at more than one internship will make you stand out of the crowd. 


Like anyone else, Ms. Charm has had some rewarding internships and some not so rewarding internships.

Ms. Charm interning in the fashion closet at Girls Life Magazine circa 2009.
Ms. Charm interning in the fashion closet at Girls Life Magazine circa 2009.

One of the best internship experiences Ms. Charm ever had was interning at Baltimore based teen magazine, Girls’ Life Magazine.  I was able to inten there for two semesters: one semester I was in the editorial department and other semester I was in the fashion department.

Ms. Charm interning at Girls' Life Magazine circa 2009.
Ms. Charm interning at Girls’ Life Magazine circa 2009.

After the internship, I was able to contribute to the Girls’ Life Magazine website as an Online Contributing Writer.

Ms. Charm's thank you card from internship advisor circa 2009.
Ms. Charm’s thank you card from internship advisor circa 2009.


When searching for an internship as a high school student or college student, it is reccommended to set up a meeting with your guidance counselor or with your career  center.

*Some college graduates aren’t so lucky to score a job right after graduating (Ms. Charm was one of them). While you are job searching, Ms. Charm reccommends interning, freelancing or creating a website. Therefore, you will have something to put on your resume for relative experience.



Always network. You never know who you may meet when you are interning. After interning, keep in contact with other interns or your intern advisor or employees you worked with while interning.


Don’t burn bridges. Sometimes an internship isn’t as great as you thought it would be, however be courteous to everyone you interact (includes e-mails) with and put on a smile anyway.

Try out many hats within the industry. To figure out what job you really want to do, try internships in various positions. For fashion, you can intern with a stylist, a marketer, publicist, a fashion designer and the list goes on.


Internships are not about being glamorous. The reason you intern is to work! 

Whether you are fixing coffee or writing a caption for a product, work hard at it! Always ask questions.

MS. CHARM’S RECOMMENDATIONS for Fashion Internships in Baltimore

Brightside Boutique is actually looking for summer interns right now for  photography, graphic design, marketing and public relations. Email resume to   

*Don’t be afraid to suggest or pitch an internship to a local boutique owner or local fashion designer you admire.