Introducing Ms. Charm’s Career Series 2013

To my dear readers, Ms. Charm’s life isn’t always so charming.  Well, let me explain.

Within six months of graduating from college, I accepted a  job offer  in fashion journalism/marketing. I thought being a blogger/social media manager was going to be this awesome beginning to my career. 

Within 10 months, I was back where I started . . . job searching for a full time job.

 Yet, I have not been just sitting around. 


I am contracted to moderate and manage customer support on a Maryland based website. I temporarily interned at Poppy and Stella in 2011. I helped out at Hanger Alley boutique’s launch in 2011. In 2012, I ventured into the freelancing by writing posts/articles for publications: Clutch Magazine and Vibe Vixen.

Through it all, I continue to apply for jobs, to go on job interviews and to be the creative mind behind my blog, Ms. Charm’s Chic.

Nearly two years . . . But, I know an opportunity will come my way sooner than later. 

And, I will never give up on my dreams! 

Personally, I enjoy seeing people achieve their goals and creating their own career paths.

Introducing Ms. Charm’s Career Series . . . this will be an annual feature on the Ms. Charm’s Chic blog that I hope will inspire and encourage others to pursue their dreams.


First installment begins next week!