Ms. Charm’s Recap: MICA R.I.P. V.I.P Experimental Fashion Event 2013, Part Two

On Saturday, April 2o, St. John’s Church transformed into an experimental fashion stage. The R.I.P  V.I.P showcase  allowed Maryland Institute College of Art students to share idea that “fashion is not just an elite group that it can be accessible to all.”

Official MICA Experimental Fashion Event Graphic

As Ms. Charm observed the presenation through my video lens, she was impressed and inspired by each unique visions presented by all the students.

Relive the experience with Ms. Charm by viewing all the designs below:


  • Meagan Jenigen ’13 (fiber) and Kali Puder ’14 (fiber) – Paracosm

Paracosm creates a ceremonial ritual to define cosmic elements and explores childlike innocence.

Meagan’s work:

Kali’s work:

  • Michelle Kim ’13 (fiber) – airyatlas

The Airyatlas collection was inpsired by X-rays and the concept of looking inside the human body.

Sheer silks, draping and stitching transform into an abstract map of the body’s interior.

  • Molly Mercer ’13 (general fine arts) – Poise 

The Poise collection reflects the pressure one feels to assume an identity to fit into a community.

She creates her own identity through 60s and 90s silhouettle, floral motifs and hand-made patterns.

  • Amber Whitehead ’13 (fiber) – The Court of Colors

The “Court of Colors” collection inspired by the lavishness of the 18th century Rococo style and sewn from pieces donated fabrics.

View more of her work here:

  • Grace Kubilius ’13 (fiber) – Junk Bones

Junk Bones showcases garments as artifacts.  Torn and shreded materials are pieced back together that ultimately, carry memories.

View more of her work here:

  • Christina Knebel ’13 (fiber) – Somnambulist

The  Somnambulist collection reflects a childlike perspective with a pastel palette and digital prints.

View more of her work here:

  • Allina Liu ’13 (fiber) – Noire

The Noire collection is inspired by Ophelia from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and British artist John Everett Millais’s interpretation of the fictional chapter is his painting.

It’s a study of dark romanticism and the different shades of the black hue.

View more of her work here:

  • Hayley Martell ’13 (fiber) – THird Generation

The designer behind “THird Generation”, Hayley Martell formed a cult, The People, consisting of 13 members—including a 90-year-old leader, La Martelle—the group strives

to challenge the connotations associated with its existence.  The audience witnesses the group’s final sacrifice.

View more of her work here:

Congrats to all the designers on an amazing event!


Jasmine Cindy, Meagan Jenigen, Michelle Kim, Christina Knebel, Grace Kubilius, Allina Liu, Hayley Martell, Jordan Matthews, Taylor McMahon, Molly Mercer, Carrie Meushaw, Camille Pateau, Kali Puder, Emily Schubert, Erin Sudeck, Miranda Taylor, and Amber Whitehead. 

View Part One: HERE.