Ms. Charm’s Recap: MICA R.I.P. V.I.P Experimental Fashion Event 2013, Part One

On Saturday, April 2o, St. John’s Church transformed into an experimental fashion stage. The R.I.P  V.I.P showcase  allowed Maryland Institute College of Art students to share idea that “fashion is not just an elite group that it can be accessible to all.”

Official MICA Experimental Fashion Event Graphic

As Ms. Charm observed the presenation through her video lenses, she was impressed and inspired by each unique visions presented by all the students.

Relive the experience with Ms. Charm by viewing all the designs below:


  • Miranda Taylor ’13 (fiber) – Bridle

Miranda Taylor’s Bridle examines the individual of the reasoning behind the ritualistic act of marriage.

  • Jordan Matthews ’13 (fiber) – Swank

Jordan Matthew’s Swank collection showcases a series of  one-of-a-kind embellished, hand-drawn and painted printed garments

that evoke exclusivity and the sense of belonging.

View more of her work here:

  • Carrie V. Meushaw ’13 (fiber) – Papercut

Who says paper can’t be wearable? Carrie V. Meushaw’s Papercut collection was all cut by her gifted hands and

Paper may be a fragile material, yet when worn can be powerful and seductive.

View more of her work here:

  • Camille Pateau ’13 (fiber) – To Cloud Kingdom!

Camille Pateau transforms her love of comics and cartoons (inspired by Misty from Pokémon,

Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Goku from Dragon Ball and Spider-Man) into haute couture garments for “To Cloud Kingdom!”


  • Taylor McMahon ’13 (fiber) – Catcall

Catcall explores the ideal of women feeling objectified and vulnerable. Her garments evoke the history of women

wearing denim and menswear and how a piece of clothing can enable protection to the wearer.

View more of her work here:

  • Erin Sudeck ’13 (fiber) – Essentialism

The Essentialism collection explores how women conceal and reveal their bodies.

Garments range from surface manipulation to simple silhouettes.

View more of her work here:

  • Jasmine Cindy ’13 (fiber) – GRIP

GRIP  collection combines fabrics with materials associated with disaster such as plastic refuse and sand.

It evokes what it feels like to be in a crisis and examines how to use what remains after.

  • Emily Schubert ’13 (fiber) – Kisah Baru Lama: An Old New Story

Emily Schubert’s work is inspired by myths and folktales. She creates a visual theater with costumes and puppets to tell the story of

Kisah Baru Lama: An Old New Story.

Congrats to all the designers on an amazing event!


Jasmine Cindy, Meagan Jenigen, Michelle Kim, Christina Knebel, Grace Kubilius, Allina Liu, Hayley Martell, Jordan Matthews, Taylor McMahon, Molly Mercer, Carrie Meushaw, Camille Pateau, Kali Puder, Emily Schubert, Erin Sudeck, Miranda Taylor, and Amber Whitehead. 

View Part Two: HERE.