VOTE FOR MS. CHARM’S CHIC for Media Member of the Year: Fashion Awards MD 2013!

TODAY IS THE DAY, well to start voting for Ms. Charm’s Chic (Paulette Wilson) in the Media Member of the Year category! 


You can vote for Ms. Charm’s Chic (Paulette W) in the Media Member category by logging on to and scrolling down to the Fashion Awards MD 2013 *Official Voting Ballot* (Established) Voting Ballot and CLICK ON VOTE! 

Go to question #20 and click on the dot next to Paulette Wilson, Ms. Charm’s Chic”.  (I’m the 5th dot in the category!)

Once you voted, click on FINISH BALLOT.


You can vote for Ms. Charm’s Chic here:

You can fill out one ballot per computer. (There are two voter’s ballots for each show. One computer/person may fill out each form, once only). 

Fashion Awards Graphic 3

I am so honored to be recognized by my hometown for the second year and I am so thankful for my readers nominating for me!  

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Go toMs. Charm’s Chic FACEBOOK page now to get yours