Ms. Charm Tips: Prepping for Spring Weather Fashionably

It’s time to prep for spring weather fashionably!

Spring doesn’t always mean sunny skies, therefore rainy days are bound to be coming our way.

Rain can really put a damper on your fashion choices. If you know how to make your practical raindrop essentials into fashionable pieces, the water dropping from the sky will not brother you as much.

rain-fashion-1-1prepping for spring

Coat Choice: Trench vs. Raincoat

When it rains, you generally have two outerwear choices: trench or raincoat. The classic trench has been a cute look for rainy weather for years. You can find trench coats in prints, in different hues, and in many shapes.

Burberry Black Label Spring Summer SS 2013 2014 AW FW Trench Mac Coat-2

However, not all trench coats have hoods. The traditional raincoat is a better option if you like a build in hair protector a.k.a hood. The raincoat often gets a bad reputation for looking too childlike or too sporty. These days, raincoats are coming in various colors and grown up silhouettes.

Whatever coat you decide to wear, make sure it is water proof.

Put on Your Water Friendly Shoes

Rain boots are essential for heavy down pours of rain. A popular rain boot brand is Hunter boots that can easily be worn with leggings or pants.

When it’s a little bit of rain, you can slip on some water proof ballet flats and pack your work shoes in a bag. You can wear leather in damp weather, but never wear suede.

Some places to shop for Rain Boots: Urban Chic, Poppy and Stella,  Ma Petite Shoe 


Versatile Umbrellas

You can buy an umbrella to match every outfit you may wear. Or, you can buy two or three umbrellas in neutral colors that will match most of the clothing in your wardrobe.

Also, some umbrellas conveniently fit into your purse.

P.S. Always pack an extra pair of socks or tights in a waterproof bag.

Ms. Charm's umbrella and trench coat. (Photo by Ms. Charm).
Ms. Charm’s umbrella and trench coat. (Photo by Ms. Charm).

No Need for Bad Hair Days

Once in a while, we all experience a bad hair day.  With spring’s unpredictable weather patterns, I suggest wearing a headscarf or hat.

You can easily cover disastrous bad hair day with a pretty scarf simply tied around your tresses.

Or, you can take it to another level by wearing a hat such as a fedora or large brim hit.