Ms. Charm’s Tips: Let’s Talk Spring Closet Cleaning

Who else is ready for warmer weather? Can you believe snow is coming to Maryland in MARCH?! 

Well, the first day of spring is March 20.

Ms. Charm is ready to do some spring cleaning. It is time to replace all those sweaters/coats with short sleeve tops/dresses.

Here are a few ways to fix a packed closet and turn it into a more functional space:

Donate Clothes

Sometimes we like to hold on to everything in our closets, but there is always something you could get rid of to make space for new things.

You can donate clothes to a local charity/non-profit or keep the extras for a swapping clothing party with your friends.  

* Fashion Attic is now accepting any unwanted clothing for consignment. BE SURE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT! 

Shoes and Clothes that I gave away. (Photo by Ms. Charm).

Think Outside the Closet

Some of our closets are so small that it can only hold a little bit of this or that. Get creative!  You can use the space under your bed as a place to store shoes.

Ms. Charm has a bin to store fall/winter clothing during the spring and to store spring/summer clothing during the winter. 

(Photo by Ms. Charm).

Invest in a huge bin or storage ottomans to store all of your off season items in. When the seasons change, it will be easy to transition your items back into your closet.

Divide Into Sections

(Photo by Ms. Charm).

Think about what you wear the most and put that towards the front of your closet. If you want to take it a step further, you can divide your closet by type of clothing or color and find anything you need in seconds.

Keep Them Covered

One way to protect your shoes is to store them in cotton shoe bags that allow the shoes to breathe. Plastic shoe bags tend to dry shoes out. Also, you want to avoid putting shoes too close to each other on the shoe rack because they can actually bleed into one another. Make sure your chic footwear is tucked away in a closet that is room temperature and is open.

(Photo by Ms. Charm).

Freshen Up Those Soles

Sprinkle baking soda at night before you go to bed to remove any foot odor from your shoes. In the morning, take your shoes outside and shake off the baking soda.