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We often think of the bride being stressed on her wedding day. Yet, a photographer can feel the same way if it is their first professional photo shoot.

“It was gorgeous, in the hills at sunset [in Los Angeles],”  Puskas-Ragontse. I was a nervous wreck and I didn’t sleep the night before. When I began shooting, all the nerves disappeared. I used a second hand Nikon D90 I bought from a photographer Iworked with in Baltimore before I started Red Rose Photography. [I had] one [camera] body and two lenses. Nothing fancy, but to this day, still one of my favorite weddings.”

(Photo by Ružica Puśkaś-Ragontse)
(Photo by Ružica Puśkaś-Ragontse)

A few things have changed since Ruzica Puskas-Ragontse first project. She carries doubles and triples of all of her camera equipment for any wedding she captures. She has been awarded Wedding Wire’s Brides Choice for three years in a roll. Her work has been featured in publications like Zink Magazine, Vogue Italia and Washington Post.

Before making an impact in Baltimore, Ruzica (pronounced Ru-che-tsa and means wild rose) was born and raised in Botswana, Africa. She became drawn to the subject of imagery at early age.

“My obsession with photography began when I was about 8,” Puskas-Ragontse said.  I would collect photographs. Although I didn’t have a camera, I was obsessed about archiving all our family pictures in a specific way. My father had a dark room in our garage and I would watch him, with such fascination, process his images.”

Inspired by her father, the Baltimore photographer built her own photography business, Red Rose Photography specializing in wedding photography and fashion photography.

“I love the adrenaline I get when I shoot a wedding,” Pukas-Ragontse said.  It’s a different sense of urgency and you are constantly on your toes, waiting, for the next special moment. There isa basic formula I used when shooting weddings which is so much different with fashion photography. Fashion is constantly changing. [I’m] always looking to shoot something more provocative and completely different than the last shoot. However, I do try to add a little fashion edginess to my wedding portraits. I love them both equally.”

(Photo by Ružica Puśkaś-Ragontse)Credit: Mua - elle sherrod, model - Lisa Ruocco (H20)
(Photo by Ružica Puśkaś-Ragontse)
Credit: Mua – elle sherrod, model – Lisa Ruocco (H20)

When she isn’t traveling for a photo shoot or working on her book “Warrior Women”, the Red Rose photographer teaching amateur photographers new skills.

“I love to inspire and I love helping people,” Pukas-Ragontse said. One day, I decided to jump into [teaching photography] and it has been such an amazing experience. I had classes all summer last year, most were sold out. There was a need and I was really happy to fill it.”

Ruzica plans to provide more photography classes this year. As another wedding season approaches, Red Rose Photography will be ready to provide photos without a hint of nerves.

(Photo by Ružica Puśkaś-Ragontse)Credit: model Titi mutushi, Makeup - elle sherrod (neon midnight)
(Photo by Ružica Puśkaś-Ragontse)
Credit: model Titi mutushi, Makeup – elle sherrod (neon midnight)

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