From a Kitchen Counter to Your Hands: Angelberry Organics

Often kitchens become more than a place for cooking meals. The heart of the home can even be a beauty lab for making handmade cosmetics. After taking courses in cosmetics and body care formulation, Christine Penny began to experiment with raw botanical ingredients to create creams and body butters. A year later, her kitchen-based hobby transitioned into a natural beauty line, Angelberry Organics.

Christine Penny of Angelberry Organics
Christine Penny of Angelberry Organics

 “I’ll never forget opening the first batches of our handcrafted cosmetics line,” Penny said. Our products include several types of essential oils that give them the most heavenly aromas. When I opened the whole new line, my apartment was filled with the most wonderful scent of lavender and lemongrass. I had every product spread on my kitchen counter, and I was overwhelmed with the beauty of all the different colors. Every time I open our products, it’s a friendly reminder of dreams coming true.”


 With a love for feeling healthy and fabulous, Penny and co-owner, Kelsey Maher has created a Baltimore beauty empire. All products are 100 percent free from all synthetic chemicals, paraben preservatives, dyes, and bismuth oxychloride.

 “We believe in creating high-performance products that won’t hurt you, your family, or the environment,” Penny said. We don’t include any artificial ingredients or chemical preservatives because we don’t believe it’s necessary to incorporate them. We source high quality botanicals and essential oils to create fantastic, feel-good products. For us, wearing natural, chemical-free products is like having a balanced diet; we won’t eat preservative-rich, chemically-enhanced food every day, and we don’t wear chemically-enhanced makeup, either.”


 Besides providing natural cosmetics, Angelberry Organics offers on-site make-up services and customized body care products for weddings as well as special events. Maher will never forget how Angelberry Organics changed her life during her engagement photo shoot.

 “Christine came over and dolled me up with our new line . . . there are some great perks to owning a makeup company,” Maher said. The products smelled great, they looked great, and most of all they made me feel great. When I took that first look in the mirror, I was filled with such a sense of pride for the quality of the products. That was a big moment for me.”


 Since 2010, the owners of Angelberry Organics have built a solid foundation for their company providing excellent products and customer service. To preview their products, they have developed a visual catalog through their lookbooks.

 “The planning and creative process of our seasonal/collection lookbooks is always so much fun,” Penny said. We spend months pulling together bits of inspiration, testing color palettes, and refining the ideas for what we want to create. Then, it’s a matter of pulling together a team of photographers, models, stylists, and locations. We love to travel, so any time we can adventure to a new place, we go for it.”

 For their 2013 collections, the Baltimore beauty gurus travelled to Colorado, Miami, Mexico and Paris.


 “Our next lookbook will be released in spring/summer 2013,” Penny said. We have been working on the development of this new collection for over six months, so we can’t wait to share it.”

 This year, Maher and Penny are launching new products including palettes that will offer customized color combinations. Angelberry Organics will be available at retail and spa locations throughout the United States. Both ladies agree that their clients are always number one.

 “It’s pure magic to watch someone light up after wearing our products, or enjoying the way they feel when trying a new color palette,” Penny said. Each woman has their own unique beauty and we love helping our clients celebrate their natural gorgeousness.”