Ms. Charm’s Valentine’s Day Fashionista Fest 2013

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!

Last year, Ms. Charm’s Valentine’s Day guide was all about what to when you are single, what to do when you’re in a relationship, and gift ideas.

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Always remember that Valentine’s Day is about love whether it’s towards your family, your parents, your friends, or your crush.

Currently, Ms. Charm status is still looking for an amazing guy. My top three dream dates would be:  Robin Thicke , Johnny Depp and John Cena.  


From my picks, you can see what my type of guy is: makes me laugh, has a sense of style, talented, smart. . . enough about me. 

This year, I asked some of my fave  local fashionistas  about love and about their favorite Valentine’s Day fashion/make-up memories. ENJOY! 


Emily Zych of Whichgoose
Status: Put a ring on it.

What is the best Valentine’s Day gift you have ever recieved? 

A few years ago, my Dad had flowers delivered to my door. I’d never had someone send me flowers before, and I felt like a movie star! It’s a simple thing, but those sort of sweet gestures are what make me happy.

What has been your favorite Valentine’s Day outfit and/or make-up over the years? 
I wore a gold vintage dress that had a black lace overlay to a fancy dinner one year. I was very “Audrey Hepburn.” And of course there was red lipstick involved.
What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

We will probably do dinner at home. I am secretly hoping for some chocolates.

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Polina Malykh Hansen of Polina’s PRIVÉ Fine Lingerie

Status: So In Love


What is the best Valentine’s Day gift you have ever recieved?

Before I opened my store lingerie used to be my favorite gift. Something classy and elegant but always implies a romantic night ahead. But now that I am surrounded by beautiful lingerie every day I would prefer a big bouquet of flowers. Anything that smells good.

What has been your favorite Valentine’s Day outfit and/or make-up over the years? 

An elegant dress paired with some sexy stockings. Anything with a garter belt drives men wild. And of course smoky eye make up to add some mystery.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

We are always trying to plan a getaway. Even if its only a hotel room in your own city. It is always nice to take a break from the usual to make your night romantic.

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Alexandra Webb

Status: Still Looking


What is the best Valentine’s Day gift you have ever recieved?

Many years ago, my boyfriend at the time, took me on a surprise over night trip.  Basically, he told me to dress up, pack an overnight bag and be ready to go.  No other hints given!  The funniest part was he literally drove out of his way to confuse me…  while we were in the car, I was dying to know the plan, so he was purposefully trying to throw me off!  Ultimately, we ended up at an amazing waterfront restaurant in Annapolis for a wonderful meal.  Followed by dancing and a night in a luxurious hotel!  I loved that he planned the whole thing and wanted to make it a surprise and it truly was! 

What has been your favorite Valentine’s Day outfit and/or make-up over the years?

My favorite Valentine’s Day make-up is dark red lips!  I usually tend to play up my eyes and do a neutral lip.  So, wearing some deep red lipstick, like MAC’s “Spice It Up!” makes me feel extra dressed up!


What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

I am currently single, so I have no idea what Valentine’s Day will bring.  In years past, when I have been single on “the ultimate day of romance” I have been surprised at how great the holiday turns out.  Single on Valentine’s Day often brings up images of the sad girl at home on her couch with a box of tissues watching Bridget Jones’ Diary, but in my experience, its often filled with adventures with other singles!  We shall see…


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