Federal Hill’s Vintage Row: Say Hello to Posh Retro

It was in 2008 when Amber Ivey opened Posh Retro for the first time in Virginia. Ivey decided to reopen her boutique in the Baltimore neighborhood of Federal Hill in October 2012.

“All of our items are dry-cleaned and upon first entry, it’s hard to tell that Posh Retro is a previously loved clothing store,” Ivey said.  Walking into Posh Retro is walking into a boutique that represents the Posh Brand.  We are not focused on just selling items, but more on creating an experience for our clients.”


Aside from creating an unforgettable experience for her clients, the Posh Retro boutique owner focuses on giving back and building relationships with other vintage lovers.  

“10 percent to 20 percent [of our sales] goes to local non-profit, Mission: Launch,” Ivey said. Clients can also schedule shopping parties for their friends. This helps create an environment that is conducive to building community.”



Like many brick and mortar business owners, Ivey uses social media to expand the Posh Retro’s presence.

“I am currently using PoshMark, which I love,” Ivey said. I have an app for it and can post pictures anywhere I am.  The company sends me the shipping labels and deposits the money into my account from my sales.  I love this site and recommend it to anyone, store owner or not.  I also like that it has the name Posh in it.”


Posh Retro is a vintage boutique that uses their profits to help to outfit men and women for interviews and help people to contribute to society.

“Vintage is the only clothing that has had 20 owners and still lasts,” Ivey said.  Vintage clothing is unique and well built. Baltimore processes the same characteristics.  Baltimore is an old city, but it is unlike any other. “


Check out Posh Retro located at 1003 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Posh-Retro/120790596529

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PoshRetro