Balancing It All: Heart of Vintage

At age 13, Christina Wells Hernandez received her first Seventeen Magazine that featured stories about 60’s and 70’s trends coming back into fashion. This new interest in fashions of the past encouraged her to explore Goodwill.

“My first piece of vintage clothing was a royal blue silk bow blouse from the 80’s,”Hernandez said.  I bought it at a Goodwill Store for 7 dollars. Although I fell in love with the color, I really started jumping for joy when I saw the tag was Christian Dior. I still wear it years later and will never give it up.”

Christina Wells Hernandez  (Photo by Jessie Peterson)
Christina Wells Hernandez (Photo by Jessie Peterson)

Fast forward to August 2012, Maryland native opens up her online vintage boutique, Heart of Vintage.

“I have been collecting vintage for many years and I always wanted to own a boutique, so combining my love of vintage with that desire seemed like the perfect marriage,” Hernandez said. Plus I had a few friends encourage me along the way.”


Heart of Vintage specializes in hand-selected vintage attire from the 60’s,70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Also, all orders shipped within the United States are free. Hernandez balances a full time job, an online vintage boutique and volunteering with Junior League of Baltimore on a weekly basis.


“Typically after my office job ends, I head home to catch up on all the fashion blogs [have to stay current on the trends], research vintage, plan future Heart of Vintage blog posts, follow up on emails and prep the next listings for the shop,” Hernandez said.


Her day to day routine may be challenging, but being a part of Baltimore’s growing vintage community is rewarding for the Heart of Vintage owner.

“It has really been great to see a lot of new vintage shops pop up over the last few years,” Hernandez said. Each shop is unique in its own right. But, I think what makes mine stand out is that it is online and you can shop any time of day or night. If you are local to Baltimore, I will deliver your purchase so you won’t have to wait for shipping.”


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