“Looking Back Series 2012”

Ms. Charm's Chic

Getting to your senior year in college is a big accomplishment. However, students can easily get infected with the worst cold known to man, “senioritis”. Some of the symptoms include: not going to class, receiving assignments with lower grades, and stressing about what to do after graduation.

Cynthia Huynh, a senior majoring in financial economics at UMBC, decided to spend her last year of dorm life embracing a hidden talent. Huynh was sitting in her college’s lounge room when she spotted a poster for the UMBC Craft Fair. With a love for small handbag like pouches, she began to test out her sewing and crafting skills.

“My first pouch I made was a disaster,” Huynh said.  At that time, I was figuring out how I should create the pouch. But in the end, [I made] a hot pink cotton pattern with a lime green zipper.”

After some trial and…

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