“Looking Back Series 2012”

Ms. Charm's Chic

Growing up in Idaho, Caitlyn Meyer developed an interest in the world of beauty in junior high.She was in 9th grade when she played with eyeliner and lipsmackers for the first time with her friend, Laramie.

Before first period in high school, she would play with her friend’s hair and experiment with glittery gel pens as eyeliner.

“By junior year, I was coloring and cutting my friends hair in our parent’s bathrooms,” Meyer said. My best friend, Jenny, was my guinea pig- we’d see a hairstyle on Buffy the Vampire Slayer or 90210, or find a makeup tear in a fashion magazine, and I’d do my best to recreate them.”

Meyer’s passion for make-up and hair inspired her to become a hair stylist apprentice and to work as a full time make-up artist for MAC Cosmetics.

Over the course of six years, she became certified in film make-up, runway…

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