“Looking Back Series 2012”

Ms. Charm's Chic


Okay, I am pretty obsessed with Ma Petite Shoe lookbooks. Therefore, the journalist in me decided to do some investigating to find out who is the creative mind behind these visually stunning lookbooks.

Well, it’s Stephanie Guttenplan! She is Ma Petite Shoe’s amazing in-house web manager and photographer. A few weeks ago, we met up at Mezze’s,  a cool indie restaurant in Fells Point, to talk about shoes, photos, and fashion.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is full of chunky accessories. I like mixing colors that normally people won’t. I accessorize my accessories. It’s all about like five rings and five necklaces. Then, add some really simple clothes.

What is one pair of shoes at Ma Petite Shoe on your wish list?

I hold them hostage in the office. There’s one pair of shoes I love that I took pictures with and I even…

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