Looking Back Series 2012

Ms. Charm's Chic

A disposable camera is a machine of magic. A vision of reality can be in the palm of your hands within seconds.

Anna Louise Jiongco discovered her first disposable camera at a young age during a family trip to Bangkok, Thailand.

“I took pictures of Theravada Buddhist temples, the allure of wild plants and flowers, religious icons, and architecture around the city,” Jiongco said.  When the photos were printed, a professional photographer saw my photos and encouraged me to consider being a photographer. Something literally clicked.”

But, the decision to venture into fashion photography wasn’t the top of her list.

I was such a “fashion-less” teenager and didn’t care much for fashion,” Jiongco said. After years of denying that I didn’t abide to the fashion world, I slowly began to pay attention to all kinds of fashion much like how I relate it to my background in art.”

Merging her…

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