Ms. Charm’s Fashion Night Out 2012

In the eyes of Ms. Charm, Baltimore’s Fashion’s Night Out was a success!

From the vendors to the runway, the Baltimore fashion scene was alive.

Ms. Charm (Paulette) in the photographer’s pit (wearing the turban) at the TREND fashion show. (Photo by Christina Forsting).

As usual, I arrived around an hour too early for the event. I can’t help that I like to be early everywhere I go.

I took a stroll down Harbor East and Fells Point to do some window shopping. (Honestly, it sucked to be unemployed during this BIG shopping event. But, I made the best of it).

By the time, I walked back to Powerplant Live! it was around 6:10 p.m.

On the top of my list of things to do was to meet people that I have talked to on the phone or over e-mails over the years for the first time face to face.  

I was highly nervous when I met Sloane Brown (Baltimore Sun columnist and handbag designer).

She looked fabulous as always. I could barely start a conversation because my mind went totally blank. Anyway, it was a highlight.

After meeting a Baltimore fashion scene idol, I took some time to walk around and talk to vendors. I was so happy to meet some new people and to see some familiar places.

I checked out Keggy, Michelle Li Murphy,Wedding 411, Beth & Noel, Astonishing Handmade, and many more vendors.

After my Fashion’s Night Out mini trip, I decided to take my 3 inch heels on a journey to South Moon Under. I was invited to attend the MINTLEN trunk show.

When I entered South Moon Under, the party was jumpin’ literally. I quickly checked out MINTLEN, then I had to hurry back to Powerplant. Why? I didn’t want to miss the Fashion’s Night Out TREND fashion show.

I live for fashion shows so I did my best to walk fast in 3 inch heels. I was back at Powerplant by 7:40 p.m. As soon as I arrived, I searched for a spot where I could get a good angle for the fashion show.

I checked my phone and my friend, Christina had texted me. I texted her back to tell her where I was standing. Christina found me and told me to follow her. Christina and I made it through the crowd.

Suddenly, I went from watching on the sidelines to getting access to photographer pit.  Thank you J.M. Giorando and Christina for everything.

Hanging out with my friend, Christina at TREND Fashion Show.

The fashion show included fashions from Katwalk, Babe, South Moon Under, Fresh! Boutique, Cupcake Boutique, Michelle Murphy, Ella Moda Couture, and more.  

Here’s a few highlights from the fashion show:

SECRET: Half way through the fashion show, I traded in my heels for flat sandals. Yes, I always carry an extra pair of shoes in my bag on most occasions.

Once the fashion show ended, my feet were done. Despite my tired feet and legs, I enjoyed myself.  

I can’t wait to see what will happen next September.