Ms. Charm Update: One Year Unemployed & Waiting for a Miracle

My July started with no internet and no power thanks to a massive storm in Baltimore.

The first week of July was one week I didn’t get too much of anything done. 


I have officially hit “ONE YEAR OF BEING UNEMPLOYED“. I really need a miracle to happen this month or next month in my job hunting journey.


On the positive side, I finally test drived my mother’s new car because she had to trade in her old car.

With this new car, you can’t press the gas too hard because you can go from 20 mph to 40 mph within a few seconds.

I’m still learning to control the gas pedal, but everything else is the same.

I just need 9 more hours of required driving.

I am getting some help from one of my uncles to improve my parallel parking and backing up skills. Hoping for the best. 

For the rest of  July, I took a much needed “Blogger Break” meaning I didn’t attend any events or cover any events for Ms. Charm’s Chic.  

Every blogger needs a break every once in a while. I usually do not take a break until the week of Christmas. I decided I needed a summer break, too.

My blogger break/hibernation will continue until Baltimore’ Fashion Night Out on September 6.