Charm Convo with Tiffany Jeffers of SYLK Cosmetics

For a long time, I wanted to meet Tiffany Jeffers of SYLK Cosmetics to talk about what inspired her to start her very own make-up empire in Charm City.

A few weeks a go, I had the pleasure of chatting with her at her chic beauty boutique located at 10300 Mill Run Circle, Owings Mills Mall Lower Level, Owings Mills, MD 21117.

SYLK Cosmetics is like no other beauty store/boutique I have ever been to.  

From makeovers to cosmetic demostrations to lash applications to touch ups to bridal make-up to girls night out events, SYLK Cosmetics is one stop place for all your beauty needs and wants.

Tiffany Jeffers of SYLK Cosmetics

What inspired you to start SYLK cosmetics?

I have been doing make-up as a hobby for years. This is my 11th year as a make-up artist.

I love color and I love to make people look beautiful. This lead to me starting to make my own make-up.

I make a lot of the glosses, eyeshadows, and lipsticks by hand. I convinced my husband to get me a store where I can sell make-up, do make-up, and have a chic place where women can feel comfortable.

When you go to a MAC counter, it’s just a counter. It’s not an experience. When clients come to SYLK cosmetics, we pamper them and make them feel really special.

Who was the first person you tested your make-up skills on?

My mom. My mother has been a guniea pig for years. She is actually one of my chemist.

She helps with make formulas for products. Also, she helps with operations. She is my everything.

What inspired you to create your own cosmetics line?

I am not only African America, but I am Indian, too. My skin tone is more olive.

Usually,African American make-up is in yellow based or red tone. I got tired of fixing my foundation so I decided to start blending foundations.

Now, I have my own line of foundations. I can match your skin 99 percent and match what you want your skin to do.

If you want your skin to be firmer or to have a more healthy glow, I can create make-up that fits your needs.

What is your favorite make-up trend for Summer 2012?

Color! There are bringing back bright colors in eyeshadows and lipsticks. I make all my lipsticks by hand.

Some of our best sellers are like blue lipsticks and yellow lipsticks. People are being very daring. I love that people are wanting to wear make-up and play with color.

My make-up artist dream is to have someone that wants to wear a bunch of colors on their face.

What are five beauty essentials you think every woman needs?

Every woman needs a good skin cleaning regiment. You need to have a good cleanser and a good moisturizer.

Then, you should have a good foundation. I think it is important to have something on your skin when you go out.

We have a perfect finish foundation that is light and has SPF 18 in it. You can put it on your skin and it will not feel caked up.

Another thing is a really good gloss. If you don’t wear make-up, you can throw on a gloss and just go.

The last thing I would is a great mascara. You can do gloss and mascara .  . . it will pop your face open.