Friendship Equals Style Revolution: Introducing Beth & Noel

The bond between two friends can lead to so many things.  Kristie Noel and Margot Elizabeth Rogerson work in professional environments where suits are a must. A few months ago, the friends met up for cocktails to discuss everything, but what they were wearing.

The conversation lead to them realizing that professional accessories were quite scare for women.

(Photo from Beth & Noel).

“We realized there was a void in the fashion industry: young, professional women,” Rogerson said. We first designed a tie that could be worn three ways and then decided to debut a three tie line: the colonel tie, the skinny tie and the bowtie.”

The three piece line became Beth & Noel in February 2012. Last week, the ladies of Beth & Noel embarked on their first fashion presentation at Luckies Tavern for RAW Baltimore.

I had the pleasure of catching up with one of the ladies behind this new Charm City accessories line, Margot Rogerson to talk about inspiration, professional attire style tips, and more.

What are your main inspirations when designing pieces for Beth & Noel?

My inspirations are the strong women that have always surrounded me including my grandmother, who started her own florist and continued working in it for 45 years. Also, my mother that continually pushed me to believe I could do anything

I know you offer a customize it option. How does it work? 

The customize it option that  features customizable cufflinks  allows a customer to pick a style of tie and have it customized with a fabric that we normally do not offer. It’s really exciting for me when someone picks the customize it option because I get to see a product I haven’t before.

Love that many of your items are named after Baltimore neighborhoods. What inspires the names your Beth & Noel accessories? 

All of the products are named after friends, Baltimore landmarks or neighborhoods. The friends who have always been there for us. Or, new friends that become strong supporters, for the most part, pick their favorite tie and then I named it after them.

As for the landmarks, I found inspiration in the tie itself to name it after the different landmarks I chose. The neighborhoods I tried to pick which tie would be suited best in each. [Such as] one might actually be able to wear out to Magerks, or Mama’s on the Half Shell or Brewer’s Art.

How can you incorporate Beth & Noel accessories into your professional attire?

Many of the products can be worn in several ways. The colonel tie is the most versatile as it can be worn around the neck as a loose bow tie or in the hair as a sash or even as a belt.

What do you love about owning your own business? What has been the most challenging thing about owning your own business? 

I love owning my own business because it is exactly that: mine. However, with that ownership right comes with a lot of responsibility that can be challenging for two busy professionals. Sometimes we find it difficult to manage everything.

What are your plans for Beth & Noel in the future? 

We are [introducing new products like] the fabric covered cufflinks and reversible fabric suspenders. Ultimately, I want to branch out beyond accessories into professional wear itself.