Ms. Charm Adventures: Katwalk Presents Fashion at the Point

Ms. Charm woke up early to travel to Fells Point for Katwalk Boutique‘s big event celebrating their 15 year anniversary and fashions in the area:


(Photo by Paulette W.).

The event consisted of hourly fashion shows featuring garments from local shops like Maja Boutique, Hanger Alley, Cupcake Boutique, Babe Boutique, PEDX Baltimore, Billions of Currency, and more.

Baltimore native, Staci Sherri debuted her Spring/Summer line, Remix inside of Katwalk Boutique and on the runway. 

Owner Toni James and Fashion Designer, Staci Sherri talk to press. (Photo by Paulette W.).
Staci Sherri remix Collection at Katwalk Boutique (Photo by Paulette W.).

Other special guests included Pascale Lemaire, celebrity stylist and Monique Muir, handbag designer.

(Photo by Paulette W.).
(Photo by Paulette W.).

Here’s a quick recap of Katwalk’s Fashion at the Point including a few words from Staci Sherri: 

(Photo by Paulette W.).

*I could not stay for the whole event because I had to get back home to prep food for my Daddy’s Father’s Day cookout.  Happy Father’s Day to all the stylish Dads out there!