Lookbook Maven: Introducing Caitlyn Meyer of Blackbird Artistry

Growing up in Idaho, Caitlyn Meyer developed an interest in the world of beauty in junior high.She was in 9th grade when she played with eyeliner and lipsmackers for the first time with her friend, Laramie.

Before first period in high school, she would play with her friend’s hair and experiment with glittery gel pens as eyeliner.

“By junior year, I was coloring and cutting my friends hair in our parent’s bathrooms,” Meyer said. My best friend, Jenny, was my guinea pig- we’d see a hairstyle on Buffy the Vampire Slayer or 90210, or find a makeup tear in a fashion magazine, and I’d do my best to recreate them.”

Meyer’s passion for make-up and hair inspired her to become a hair stylist apprentice and to work as a full time make-up artist for MAC Cosmetics.

Over the course of six years, she became certified in film make-up, runway make-up, bridal make-up, and even body painting.

(Photo from Caitlyn Meyer).

A few years ago, the talented make-up artist and hairstylist decided to start her own empire in Baltimore. 

“Well, I was getting a lot of requests for outside work,” Meyer said. I felt like I needed something a little more catchy than my own name. I knew I wasn’t going to work for MAC forever, that eventually I’d like to work for myself. So, I wanted to create a brand. ‘Blackbird’ is an old nickname and I just thought it had a nice ring to it.”

Blackbird Artistry has collaborated with some of the chicest boutiques in town: Brightside Boutique and Rock and Roll Vintage to create beautiful canvas on models. I was beyond excited to have a chance to talk to Caitlyn Meyer about working on photoshoots, beauty tips, and starting a business.
(The talented Caitlyn Meyer).

What were you inspired by when creating looks for Brightside Boutique Spring/Summer lookbook? What do you love about Brightside Boutique? 

My friend Holly Burnham is an incredibly talented hair stylist, and she suggested me to Christie for the lookbook. I pulled a lot of my inspiration for the runway. I wanted to create a really dewy, youthful look for the models. Something every girl could and would want to wear.

Since our collaboration on the lookbook, Christie and Kike have quickly become two of my closest friends. They’re just good people, they’re so full of life and they really love what they do.

(Photo from Caitlyn Meyer).
Brightside is like a breath of fresh air. In the boutique, Christie keeps her inventory current with the seasons hottest, most exclusive fashions and in the art studio, Kike makes some of the areas most beautiful tattoos.
(Photo from Caitlyn Meyer).

What is the most enjoyable part of owning Blackbird Artistry? 

Having a life! Haha, no, but seriously, I just love what I do. The best thing about working for myself is making a living doing what I love. It’s nice writing my own schedule, having a Saturday to myself occasionally, and working with people on such a close, personal level.

I’m involved in some of the most monumental events in my clients lives. I get to share that with them. It’s really beautiful.

What is the biggest challenge you have encountered so far in your career? 

The biggest challenge, as well as the biggest adventure, of my career thus far has been leaving MAC. It was all I knew for six years. It’s tough learning how to be your own boss. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and I’m so blessed. Business is going amazingly, but it’s definitely a scary move to make.
(Photo from Caitlyn Meyer).

Do you prefer working on a editorial photo shoot and commercial photo shoot? Why? 

Editorial for sure! More room for artistic freedom! I feel like the common misconception for editorial makeup is that it’s got to be theatrical. But to me, it’s more of an expression and it’s got to fit the rest of the shoot.

What has been your most memorable work experience so far?

Working with tv shows and meeting/working with celebs is fun and can be exciting.  Most would probably expect those experiences to be the most memorable. But truthfully, the jobs where I’ve actually helped change someones life for the better are the ones I’ll never forget.

For instance, teaching a girl with alopecia, who can’t remember the last time she could grow her own eyelashes, to apply natural looking false lashes that boost her self confidence. Or, spending hours upon hours helping a woman with vitiligo and a severe case of hyperpigmentation find a foundation that makes her feel beautiful as beautiful as she is. Those are the most rewarding.
(Photo from Caitlyn Meyer).
(Photo from Caitlyn Meyer).

What are three make-up items you can’t leave home without?  What is your daily make-up routine? 

Definitely gotta say (MAC) Hue lipstick, Travel Fix+, and my NW15 Studio Finish Concealer! I keep it pretty simple these days.

My everyday, must have items are (MAC) Face+Body Foundation, Studio Finish Concealer, Improvise Mineral Blush (limited, I’m going to DIE when I’m out!), Lingering Brow Pencil, Prep+Prime Lash, Zoom Fast Black Lash, and Mineral Charged Water Spray.
(Photo from Caitlyn Meyer).

What is your favorite beauty trend for Spring/Summer 2012? 

Probably my favorite thing about Spring/Summer makeup in general is how fresh and alive it always is. Springtime in general is such an exciting time of year- nature starts showing signs of life, and it awakens such a youthful spirit inside us all.

The textures this season are so dewy and creamy, it’s all about clean makeup, natural skin, and little pops of color that evoke that fresh feeling of spring.
To view more of Caitlyn Meyer’s work, take a look at the Blackbird Artistry website.