Collar Dressing: Introducing Bow Tie Co.

In a room with walls submerged in green paint, Silva Yousefian frequently searches through boxes of fabric to make her one of a kind fashion accessories. Inspired by her love for menswear, Yousefian decided to give birth to a unisex line of unique collar trimmings.

“When I decided I wanted a [fun] bow tie for myself, I was distraught that no stores sold them for women,” Yousefian said. That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands. Bow Tie Co. simply started as a way for me to have a bow tie. Now, both men and women craving different bow ties have an outlet.”

(Photo from Bow Tie Co.).

After creating a fleece houndstooth bow tie clip, the up and coming accessory designer began composing collections for her Bow Tie Co. venture in spring 2011. Motivated by textiles, cultures, graphics, traveling and fashion, the Bow Tie Co. owner creative outlook is always open. As soon as she finishes sewing up a new design, one of her favorite tasks is inventing names for her creations.

“I am a writer so coming up with names is easy peazy,” Yousefian said. I think about the colors, the patterns, who would wear it and where they would wear it. When I am experiencing writers block, I have a couple of friends I can always turn to.”

(Photo from Bow Tie Co.)

Bow Tie Co. takes on a modern approach to the classic bow tie using a range of styles, fabrics, and patterns. Each bow tie is hand made with elaborate detail and affordable. Sometimes it is hard for the bow tie designing owner to pick one favorite accessory from her line.

(Photo from Bow Tie Co.)

 “I love the Elegance in Disguise. The color combo is perfect and it really does portray subtle elegance to me.

The Tamale bow tie is so classic. You can not love it. It’s my signature image because who doesn’t love white polka dots on red?

Last but certainly not least, Ralph Lauren is an obvious winner. I love just about everything Ralph Lauren and had a field day when I came across this fabric. It is especially perfect for couples to share.”

(Photo from Bow Tie Co.)

A big wall covered with hanging bow ties in her designing space is a reminder of how successful her vision has become. With fashion icons like Sienna Miller and Zooey Deschannel, Yousefian believes women as well as men should treat fashion as a voyage and should experiment with accessories.

“Many people think bow ties are only for special occasions,” Yousefian said. I like to match them with any collared shirts, dresses, etc. Sometimes you don’t even need a collar. Bow ties can be worn in so many ways; it’s just a matter of being adventurous enough to try it.”

(Photo from Bow Tie Co.)