The Styling Bradshaw of Charm City

Stephanie Bradshaw is a household name in Baltimore. Whether she is styling a photo shoot for well- known Charm City publications, hosting a party, laying out a functional interior space, or documenting her daily adventures on her GIRL ABOUT TOWN blog, Bradshaw isn’t afraid to showcase her love for design.

“I truly enjoy translating my clients’ style into an event, workspace or home interior,” Bradshaw said.

(Photo from Stephanie Bradshaw).

The designer and creative director of Bradshaw Styling is a founder of the Baltimore Fashion Alliance and a board member of the Baltimore Chapter of the National Association of Catering Executives. Bradshaw is a nominee in the Women’s Fashion Stylist category for the first ever Fashion Awards MD.

She is the creative director of Harbor East’s first outdoor fashion show that will occur June 2 at 4:30 p.m. 

Recently, I had the pleasure to ask the Baltimore stylist about her inspirations, personal style, and advice about owning a business:

When styling people, places, and events, what are you inspired by?

There are a variety of components from which I get my inspiration. My clients always have visions of how they would like the event/place to look, so I incorporate their elements of design along with new ideas I have picked up through my travels, and research into the final outcome. The great thing about styling people, places and events is if one idea doesn’t work, there are several more to choose from.

(Photo from Stephanie Bradshaw).

What do you love about being a part of the Baltimore Fashion Alliance?

Chris Schaefer, Ella Pritsker and I agreed that Baltimore was really missing a networking resource for people in the fashion industry so we decided to create the Fashion Alliance to fill that void. I have been a part of NACE for 7 years. I hope to continue making an impact in Baltimore’s fashion scene.

(Photo from Stephanie Bradshaw).

How would you describe your personal style?

Chic and eclectic.  I like blending a variety of textures, patterns and prints into my wardrobe. It’s always good to have fun with your clothes without going overboard.

Why is it important to develop your own signature style?

I believe it is important for everyone to develop their own personal sense of style because we convey a message through what we wear and how we present ourselves. It is always important to emit a positive image.

(Photo from Stephanie Bradshaw).

Every time I read your blog, I wish I could live one day in your shoes. When did you start blogging?

I started seriously blogging in the middle of October 2011 and have been consistently blogging on Girl About Town since then.

What advice would you give to young women that want to be owners of their own business?

Get as much experience as you can working with people who’s work you admire, people who have integrity and that ANYTHING is possible if you work hard and you are passionate about what you do!