Nameless Photos and Avant Garde Designs: Introducing Jordan Matthews

Juggling school projects, studio time for designing garments, and maintaining a photography business might seem a bit overbearing for the average student. But, Jordan Matthews, a junior fibers major at Maryland Institute College of Art, wouldn’t change a thing about her university lifestyle.

Throughout her college journey, she has discovered the two loves of her life: photography and fashion. As an experimental fashion student, Matthews has worked on her designing skills taking classes like silk screening and avant-garde design.

Jordan Matthews.

“I started out not really knowing anything about garment design, so I’ve had no choice but to become better”, Jordan Matthews said. The first garment I made was a strapless dress. The idea of it was great, but the actual thing was horrible. The fit, the fabric, the finishing . . . I’m glad I’ve gotten better.”

(Photo from Jordan Matthews).

In April 2012, Matthews presented her first collection “Chance” at MICA’s annual benefit fashion show: Transcend.  Inspired by the simple idea of fun, she created bright colored garments that any girl could wear for an exciting night out. When she isn’t sewing or making new patterns, the MICA student is working on her photography venture.

(Photo from Jordan Matthews).

“Nameless Photography started after I did a family portrait shoot for my aunt a few years back,” Matthews said.  All I had was studio lights and I used a white wall. I remember she paid me $25. I was really happy and actually saw my potential after that shoot.”

(Photo by Jordan Matthews).

Matthews specializes in portrait sessions, fashion shoots, and special occasion photography. She has collaborated with Bliss Boutique to create a promotional product photo gallery.

“Just shooting someone who’s full of energy and is confident in front of the camera is fun to me,” Matthews said. I love to really capture a person’s personality.”

This summer, the “Chance” designer will be spending some time in one of the most popular fashion capitols in the world, New York. As she plans to graduate in May 2013, Matthews has a few things in mind for post-graduation life.

(Photo of Bliss Boutique by Jordan Matthews).

“I’m going to take a year to focus on design and photography. I want a job where I can get the background of the fashion world with the freedom of being able to design and create things the way that I think they should be made. Then I want to go to grad school for fashion merchandising.  I want to run my own line and boutique.”