MICA Experimental Fashion Show: Milquetoast Part One

If you didn’t know it or not, MICA’s experimental fashion event is one Charm City occasion that is a MUST ATTEND for me. Every time I attend MICA experimental fashion event I am so inspired by the concepts and designs each student comes up with.

In December 2011, I had the opportunity to preview the 2012 class designs in progress. It was great to see how all of the student’s visions developed throughout the months.

I want to thank the stylish, hardworking Valeka Populoh for inviting me to this lovely event again.  I want to thank all the talented students as well.

Usually, I take time to give commentary on each part of the MICA event.  They say pictures are worth a 1,000 words.

Well, I always say “videos can leave you with a million or more”.

Cirque d’Armoire illuminates the lives of forgotten clothing, toys and dolls; a glimpse into the mysterious world associated with lost and cherished items from our wardrobes.  The collection draws inspiration from an imagined underlying narrative behind antique objects and toys. The performance swindles the audience into a crawl-space from another realm, highlighting somber and playful elements of the heart warming and some-what bone-chilling presence of the antique porcelain doll.

-Naomi Davidoff

A lover of all things gloomy and grotesque, her collection is a manifestation of the melancholy literature of Edgar Allan Poe. It centers on her vision of reality and focuses on the tragic death of the beautiful women in his stories and poems, who are then catapulted into a utopian world that transcends reality.

-Michela Reina