MICA Experimental Fashion Event: Milquetoast on April 21

What is Ms. Charm’s favorite fashion event every year?  

Duh, it’s MICA’s Experimental Fashion Event! 

On Saturday, April 21 at 6 p.m. or 9 p.m. enjoy the Milquetoast: Experimental Fashion Event at 2640 Saint Paul St (also known as the St. John’s Church). 

Tickets cost $5 available at the MICA Bookstore, 1200 W. Mount Royal Ave. and store.mica.edu.

Limited tickets will be sold at the door for $10.

Over the course of eight months, students design and craft their own body of work based on the garment, recruit their own models and performers, select music and choreograph their show. 

Students’ designs tap into the power of clothing as a semiotic device, communicating constantly shifting ideas and beliefs about the body, social relationships and the spirit of the times. Their work speaks to the performative nature of fashion and the overlaps between the runway, the stage and the theater of the streets.

This year, the name Milquetoast (meaning a timid person) was chosen as a counterpoint to the lively event and a tip of the hat to the political climate in this presidential election year.


Antonina Clarke, Thea Elisabeth Curley, Naomi Davidoff, Natalie Ebaugh, Giovanni Flores, Morgan Frailey, Alexz Giacobbe, Maya Lisa Akabane Graffagna, Kelsey LaSeur, Jessica Emily Marx, Georgia Caroline Milton, Michela Reina, Stephanie Marie Santos, Anna Strain, Jacqueline Wadowsky and Kate Weintraub; graphic design assistance provided by Alex Dougherty